Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Thorough Understanding of Why my Parents said NO...

Meet Marley. My new family's brand new GoldenDoodle puppy. She is 8 weeks old. I just want to start this Blog post as a formal apology, of all the time I wined and annoyed my parents on getting a puppy. I am sorry, that I never let it go, and just 2 weeks ago, asked for a puppy. I now, understand the full responsibility of owning a puppy, and in some weird 2nd life way, this is pay back of all the poop you scooped and all the ruined shoes and furniture. Usually, at this time, I have "Lindsey Time", when i can work on school, talk to friends and family on facebook, skype my parents, tidy up the childrens rooms, clean the kitchen, ect. But i was not informed until the day before, that they had bought this wonderful bundle of joy. Yeah sure its cute, fluffy, and is an angel... when it sleeps.. its a barking poop poo-ing peeing on carpets eating dog food, chewing on chairs machine. I thought being an Aupair in another country was hard enough... now, i have to learn german obedience words for the dog.. "NEIN DOGGY!" literally, just said that. I have a firm belief by the end of this "journey" the dog WILL be, bilingual. ridiculous. You know how sometimes, teen girls who think that having a baby will be fun, so they get put with taking care of an infant for a day, as a way to sort of, "scare them off"... well.. its working. I Lindsey Anderson, hereby declare on, that when i am older, living with my husband, that i will not get a dog, unless it ancient and close to death, has a bum knee, the most trained dog in the world, or "pretend" ( yeah, i went there.) Now readers of this blog, please, keep me accountable. Sincerely, Lindsey. The nanny of the German Dogs.


  1. Hahaha that is so funny Lindsey! I was totally reading this and I actually knoe what nein (sounds like nine) means! Having a dog is hard. We had to give both of ours away because my bro and I just could not take care of them... Btw did u ask for the dog and the family got it for u or were they going to get one anyways

  2. Hahahahaha oh Lindsey.
    That's all you'll need to know!

  3. haha!! I am actually laughing out loud as I read this in college :D I know exactly how you feel. Dogs are a PAIN in the rear! >.< I have 2 cats and I will confirm that they are no different.