Monday, August 8, 2011

strangers like me

sacrifice. a word i have been thinking about A LOT lately.. In recent months im learning the true meaning of that word. In order to get to my dreams, and Gods desires, i have to sacrifice a lot of my desires to obtain these goals! But in the process of 'letting go' of unnecessary things, i have found meaning to the things that ARE necessary.. We feel so helpless when things we think we need, are taken away from us.. But letting go of these things, these things that are not much of worth.. you find that the simpler basic things, fill those gaps, and over flow! I dont need a boyfriend, or new clothes, or my hair being done every month. I dont need the latest and greatest accessories or to go out clubbing every weekend in hollywood. Dont get me wrong, those are all fun activities, but not really worth my money or time compared to other options. I do A LOT in my week. from ballet, to surfing, to swing dancing, to hanging out with friends. Church, gym, family, hiking, and mischief! SO MANY THINGS fill up my hours, and frankly they all.. cost.. money.. so now, i have all these goals and desires laid out on the table, and i have to be wise with my spendings of money, and time, for each! If that means skipping out on dance or bailing on hanging out with friends on the weekend to work to just get gas money, im gonna do it! I'll babysit for days on end, just to get INCHES closer to where i wanna be.. Im so done wasting time on people and activities that arent going to benefit me in the long run. Doing things that arent pleasing God, is costing me more than money.. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? How many hours of work and dedication are you willing to do, in order to live your life the way you always dreamed? ITS POSSIBLE. that life you always dream about? yeah that dream sequence that plays through your thoughts? its actually possible!! because our God makes things happen. I know there are people out there in the world, who are doing the same thing i am... working hard to obtain these crazy goals.. strangers like me. somewhere :)