Monday, March 28, 2011


Now, im not one to give advice on relationships, well romantic ones, since well, ive never really been in a full committed long term one. ever. why? i dont know, but past the point! Lately on facebook time and time again, this status comes up."Boys, treat your Girls right, or some other guy will." and always, bajillions of people 'like' it, and comment on it,  and say amen! or yeah! or "dont worry i am!" I dont think chivalry is dead, and i cant stand it when people say that it is. its not dead, your just hanging around losers. But when have we, the female race, ever try and turn those words around, so it applies to us? "Ladies, treat your man right, or another girl will". Its different when you read it regarding you huh? Its almost haunted, and just so realistic. I guess im talking about this, because most of my views (which i love you all so much! checking it every other day and i still get this amount of readings is SO cool!!) -are girls from Dr Jacksons blog, which he referred me or whatever you say. Anyways, i couldnt help but think, "how do i treat the guys that i am crushing on, or talking too?" Do i treat them the way i expect guys to treat me? well, to tell myself an honest answer, no, i dont. Do i treat them like the way i want to be treated? no not all the time. Do i try and be the best girlfriend ever? Do i try and see eye to eye, or listen instead of telling them what is right or why IM right? I guess this refers to all aspects of life. "Treat your friends right, or other people will." Relationships, its what is tangible in this life. they are the glue to our messy surroundings. almost everything we do, is with another. How can i hold my tongue? control my temper? Block out my judgemental mentality? how do i TRY to be a better girl towards the people i love/will come to know?  I dont want to miss an opportunity to share joy, so maybe i can try to dodge those words, or actions, or thoughts that destroy relationships, before they even happen. Life is meant to be lived with others. I just wanna make sure i dont live it alone.