Sunday, October 2, 2011


first video blog... please excuse the awkwardness..and references to Star wars.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is wasted on the Living

This is a very heated toned blog, proceed with knowing this can end up leading in rants. K? K. Moving forward. You know what rubs me the wrong way? What gets me absolutely frustrated? Is people lollygagging through life, and wasting opportunities. If you are one of those, brace yourself. This is your LIFE. you get ONE shot at it, ONE chance. what on earth are you gonna do with it? I mean i complain a lot, more than i ever should be, but what im learning lately is, If im not happy with something, its not going to change unless i make it change. Usually life is a lot like newtons first law.An object at rest, will stay at rest, and Something that is in motion, will continue to be in motion, unless stopped by an outside source. If something in your life, isnt going the way you'd like for it to go, or if you are making decisions that you dont like, then DO something about it. GIVE it reason to stop. Stop complaining about how life is boring, or people treat you bad, or about random things! If you dont like it, FIX it. If someone is not treating you the way they should, and you have tried to mend that problem and work it out, but they wont change, WALK. AWAY. WHY are you going to put up with something that is constantly bringing you down and making your life much harder than it should be? If you dont like the way your life is going, then DO something about it. Get off your butt, and change it! If you dont like your job, then    search for another one! If you dont like where you live, then MOVE. I understand its expensive, and intimidating living far away from family, or by yourself, but guess what? you wouldnt be the first one to do so! If you have a habit you wanna break, then BREAK IT. By all means, even if that means getting outside help, just stop it! Put the bottle down, stop committing adultery, quit taking pills, work on not lying, silence your lips before hurtful language, eat healthier, get out of abuse... only YOU will get YOU to stop physically making mistakes.  No one is going to follow you for the rest of your life with a pair of handcuffs making sure you dont royally screw up. If Life is boring, then FIND something exciting about it! If that means going to school to follow your dreams, or NOT going to school to follow your dreams, just FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! ( as long as they are reasonable, not like i wanna be the worlds best pie eater or something) I know its hard changing, breaking from the mold, following your biggest dreams, but thats exactly why God loves you! Hes there to BE that rock, that cheerleader, that foundation.. Youve got a time spand that isnt long in retrospect to how long we've been here. what are YOU gonna do thats gonna make a difference? People throughout history have taken chances, BIG chances, and have ended up living their dreams! Its POSSIBLE. so what, you're gonna go to school, get a job, have a family, and a regular joe 9-5 er? just because thats what society expects of you? What gets your blood going? Heart pounding? What inspires you to just get up and go!? DO that, what are you waiting for? because Time isnt going to stop for you, so you gotta get up and actually chase it. If life isnt what you think it oughta be, then dont put up with it. CHANGE it. When you see something and think 'thats not okay!' then DO something about it. Dont let this blogs head sentence be true. Please dont waste your life away. Dont just make comments, give them reason behind them. Be that starting domino, BE that first tug, that first push of something that only God could muster up. If only you knew what he has instore. If only you knew your potential to shake things up. If only you knew.  START WORKING TO BECOME LIKE THE PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE. every generation needs a martin luther king jr, Lincoln, mother theresa, CS lewis, walt disney, and Ben franklin. People who make a ripple, who make noise, who DO something. Now, tell me, why cant that be you?

Monday, August 8, 2011

strangers like me

sacrifice. a word i have been thinking about A LOT lately.. In recent months im learning the true meaning of that word. In order to get to my dreams, and Gods desires, i have to sacrifice a lot of my desires to obtain these goals! But in the process of 'letting go' of unnecessary things, i have found meaning to the things that ARE necessary.. We feel so helpless when things we think we need, are taken away from us.. But letting go of these things, these things that are not much of worth.. you find that the simpler basic things, fill those gaps, and over flow! I dont need a boyfriend, or new clothes, or my hair being done every month. I dont need the latest and greatest accessories or to go out clubbing every weekend in hollywood. Dont get me wrong, those are all fun activities, but not really worth my money or time compared to other options. I do A LOT in my week. from ballet, to surfing, to swing dancing, to hanging out with friends. Church, gym, family, hiking, and mischief! SO MANY THINGS fill up my hours, and frankly they all.. cost.. money.. so now, i have all these goals and desires laid out on the table, and i have to be wise with my spendings of money, and time, for each! If that means skipping out on dance or bailing on hanging out with friends on the weekend to work to just get gas money, im gonna do it! I'll babysit for days on end, just to get INCHES closer to where i wanna be.. Im so done wasting time on people and activities that arent going to benefit me in the long run. Doing things that arent pleasing God, is costing me more than money.. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? How many hours of work and dedication are you willing to do, in order to live your life the way you always dreamed? ITS POSSIBLE. that life you always dream about? yeah that dream sequence that plays through your thoughts? its actually possible!! because our God makes things happen. I know there are people out there in the world, who are doing the same thing i am... working hard to obtain these crazy goals.. strangers like me. somewhere :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

downsize, without losing quality.

During my vacation from home and lets just say 'life' in general, it has really reminded me the true importance of keeping your dreams in perspective. A good friend of mine, Dj, had posted something on facebook that i really have never read/heard before. It read, "Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams." and as simple as the quote is/was, it hit me like a ton of bricks!..."Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams"... was i surrounding myself with people like that? Were people whom i called my friend, supporting my dreams? being positive influences? Helping my life's process go the way it should be going? Were they being cheerleaders?  For those of you who do follow this thing-of-a-blog, you know my dreams, and how BIG and improbable they are, and i cannot achieve them on my own. This life, it was meant to be enjoyed--- together. But sometimes i forget, that the company you surround yourself with, you will soon be the host of. Am i being a good host? Am i surrounding myself with these people, these friends, these essential tools? and lately, i have found that answer to be half n half. HALF of my friends were being what i needed them to be, while the others, were, well not. So, i am learning to downsize without losing quality....but to gain it. Impossible you say? no. Difficult? you bet. Im just really starting to pay attention to what is necessary in my life, and people who arent helping me towards these crazy dreams, really dont deserve a whole lotta effort from me, yeah sure this can totally be wrong and you can think "lindsey what are you doing!" but so far... its worked. i dont hate anyone, i dont resent anything, i just dont have time, to waste my time. So evaluate where you are in life! are you surrounding yourself with people who are cheering you to succeed? Are your close friends being the iron you need them to be? Are they just as excited for your dreams as you are? I can honestly say.. yes. mine are.... and boy am I blessed.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too Blessed to be Stressed

A lot of the time, we forget to really think about how blessed we truly are. For the past 2 weeks i have been vacationing in Ohio, visiting family and friends ect, and i will say, i have had the BEST time!!! From adventuring to Pittsburgh, to climbing through underground ancient caves, i am a blessed girl! What this trip has shown me, was that i dont have to fly clear across the world, to find adventure and opportunities. I find myself thinking as i type this, that i forget ( quite frequently ) how blessed i really am, and i have been workin SO hard lately to save up money, and now there is no problem with that, but sometimes God wants us to just relax and see his kingdom, and that is exactly what ive been doin! I forget the opportunities God has placed around me, and around the corner! That even though im working towards a BIG dream, i can still create wonderful memories in the mean time :) that money is JUST money, and my time is so valuable! Even though this blog isnt long, i just hope this would remind you ladies that life is BEAUTIFUL amidst the chaos, and hustle and bustle of our busy lives. SMILE! you are precious to God and he has planned SO much for each and every one of us!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.Remember your dreams. Remember your dreams. Remember Gods Plans. Remember Gods plan.

Friday, June 3, 2011

To want

Its time again. its time to uproot it all and just go for it. These past 7 months since ive been home from germany have been hard and amazing and everything in between. i have worked my TAIL off (and continuing) for money. I find myself wishing hoping and dreaming to go and do all these amazing things, and i pray and pray asking God, "HOW CAN I GET MONEY!?!" but it wasnt how, it was, can you. It was, hey God can i please just win the lottery? The other week at church pastor chuck said a statement that just hit me.  "God why cant i just win the lottery?.... Well, your chances go up when you actually purchase a ticket.." Since that day ive brainstormed and used my imagination to come up with every single possiblity to make a buck. I had to remember what my gifts are, and talents are, and that God just didnt give them to me for no reason. I have had bare to none social life in the month of may. Even cancelled my birthday week to go do something that is far more important then clubbing in Hollywood. These past few months have been the most important, and ive grown the most out of the last 4. Stuff that used to occupy my mind, just doesnt anymore. People who used to occupy my mind, just dont anymore. Ive learned to downgrade, and not loose quality, but gain it. My Dreams are whats most important to me right now. Not boys, not friends, not work, not dance, not baking, not anything. I wake up thinking about my dreams, and go to bed thinking about them. They fill my mind with sights and images painted across my thoughts. I realize that i have to be realistic about Life, and that i cant do great things, unless i work myself to the core. I have to FIGHT this, i have to WANT this more than anything ive ever wanted, and that its possible to be self made. I want to leave in september 2011 this year on another adventure. I dont know what adventure, or where! whether it be missions orientated, or just a traveling expedition, ive been researching like crazy! asking anyone who knows anything! I have so many open doors..

One of my biggest goals in life, is to say ive traveled the world before the age of 25. I want a picture holding the leaning tower of piza. A picture of me dangling the taj mahal like a christmas decoration. A picture of me on the great wall of china. A picture of me in the sahara. A picture of me kissing the sphinx. I wanna be able to say ive seen the northern lights in person. That ive floated down the Nile and Amazon. That ive drank guiness in an Irish pub and have had a croissant in Paris. I want treasures! I want memories that are priceless! I want to see these images in my head, in person! I dont want ANYTHING holding me down. I dont want to look back in 10 years with a husband and kids and say, what happened to my dreams? Now do NOT get this wrong, having a family is a dream of mine, a BIG one and a wonderful one, but im waiting to open that present. Ive got people to meet, and places to see, things to do, pictures to take, cultures to understand.. The stuff i wanna do, you cant learn in a classroom.    

Not a lot of people say they got to see the world, let alone at a young age.
                                   I want to be able to say that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"I gotta, take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway."

Cheesy line maybe, but how its one of my favorite songs! The past few days have been so inspirational, i feel like im ME again, and i haven't felt that way in a long time. I forget so often, and SO EASILY what my bigger plans are, what i imagine my life to be, and where i wanna go. I have dreams that are bigger than what im doing now, and ive learned that this state of my life, is only temporary. This time in my life, is meant to be spent with family, close friends, and God, building up character, learning important life lessons, and not letting anything set me back. When im bored, i tend to re-read my old blogs from germany and then after, to see how much ive grown, and that tough situations make tough people. I have always been a 'go-getter' so what happened? Why have i become so attention deficit, to the point where i forget what i truly value and look forward too in life? I feel like as girls, we are so easily manipulated by our own minds, that we forget how many plans, how many WONDERFUL adventurous loving plans God has in store for us, to not let money, jobs, media, BOYS get in the way of the view. Im meant for big things, its time for lindsey to grow a spine and keep moving forward, to not let anything stop me, but  to gently put things down and walk away. To not waste my time on temporary things, but to be a dream chaser, to get to that mountain top just to say i did so. Ill only be 18 once, and 19 is around the corner, and i want this year to be the most exciting yet. What are you gonna say about your past birthday? Are you able to say you took the world by your own two hands? Or let is shyly slip by?

Jeremiah 29:11:For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Sometimes i forget how Loving and creative God really is. I need to work on that.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Now, im not one to give advice on relationships, well romantic ones, since well, ive never really been in a full committed long term one. ever. why? i dont know, but past the point! Lately on facebook time and time again, this status comes up."Boys, treat your Girls right, or some other guy will." and always, bajillions of people 'like' it, and comment on it,  and say amen! or yeah! or "dont worry i am!" I dont think chivalry is dead, and i cant stand it when people say that it is. its not dead, your just hanging around losers. But when have we, the female race, ever try and turn those words around, so it applies to us? "Ladies, treat your man right, or another girl will". Its different when you read it regarding you huh? Its almost haunted, and just so realistic. I guess im talking about this, because most of my views (which i love you all so much! checking it every other day and i still get this amount of readings is SO cool!!) -are girls from Dr Jacksons blog, which he referred me or whatever you say. Anyways, i couldnt help but think, "how do i treat the guys that i am crushing on, or talking too?" Do i treat them the way i expect guys to treat me? well, to tell myself an honest answer, no, i dont. Do i treat them like the way i want to be treated? no not all the time. Do i try and be the best girlfriend ever? Do i try and see eye to eye, or listen instead of telling them what is right or why IM right? I guess this refers to all aspects of life. "Treat your friends right, or other people will." Relationships, its what is tangible in this life. they are the glue to our messy surroundings. almost everything we do, is with another. How can i hold my tongue? control my temper? Block out my judgemental mentality? how do i TRY to be a better girl towards the people i love/will come to know?  I dont want to miss an opportunity to share joy, so maybe i can try to dodge those words, or actions, or thoughts that destroy relationships, before they even happen. Life is meant to be lived with others. I just wanna make sure i dont live it alone.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not where the storyline ends

Im probably writing this blog out of pure boredom, but nonetheless, i need to write one! Lately i feel like ive been in such a rut, and its driving me crazy. I feel like i only hang out with children, ( no harm to the kids i love my job i do!) but Goodness, i feel like its all i do. I go to work, come home and eat food, then leave for another sitting gig. Is this where i picture my life at? A few months ago i was boarding a plane to Germany. Would I, in that moment, have thought that this is where id be in a few months? This past week has just been a blur of grey and dull, im either working or working in my room (re doing it, its adorable lol ) But i sit here, and continue to ask, "why did it turn out this way? why am i here and not somewhere else?" I guess what im trying to say is, i keep thinking this is the end of the book, the tragic boring ending of Lindsey's story, when its not. Not every single word of a book is going to be gripping and exciting. But what i am learning is that, i need to be positive during every stage of my life, including the monotonous work and lifestyle. Im learning to not waste my time on people who dont care, not waste my time grumbling when i have work the next day, and complaining that my life is dull. I dont have the extra time for all that. Its not gonna make it better by being whiney about it. If i am, then im not working hard enough to make it exciting.. Sometimes we expect things to happen, when in reality, its how we react to whats given to us. I cant complain when i reacted without enthusiasm and without the bigger picture in mind. Who knows, maybe in 6 months, ill read back on this, and be somewhere else, or doing something new. Life's a changing stage,  and flipping book. And i shouldn't  try to skip chapters

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got a date with reality

Sometimes i look at this site, to remember past memories, and short comings. re-reading old entries make me laugh and feel sad sometimes, and to my surprise, people still view this page. Ive thought about returning to blog, but i figured no one wanted to read someone's boring routine life, but then i realized, that most of the worlds population is in routine. So might as well give ya'll something up to date? Well since ive been home from germany, its been well, freakin boring lol. But you know, sometimes in life, it has to be, well not boring, but, simple. As humans we often ( too often id say) get those two words, completely mixed up. "Its soo boring here, there is no pizazz, theres no NEW! theres no bright colors and loud sounds that keep me entertained" But simplicity IS exciting.. its meaning you have a blank canvas, something to just go wild over.. but again, its to bring us back down to the realization that the best things in life, are the simple ones. dont get me wrong i love me some excitement! but if i had to sit down and write everything i truly loved, itd be the simpler kinds. Sunflowers, laughing, baseball, baking cookies, taking bike rides, naps, dancing, day dreaming, hot bubble baths, and squidging your toes in the sand. Sometimes we get so caught up in big dreams and aspirations, and dont get me wrong, those are great to have! but we gotta focus on the now, the present game plan, to get to those wild ones.. Its January 29th, 2011. its 11:27 pacific time, and im sick with a throat infection, not my best night i would say? eh ha ha. i dont know what makes this night any different from the rest, but i felt like i need to write again. im laying here, staring at this ceiling, that hasnt changed in years, and once again i want something more. but, im content.. i know ill be gone again soon, and since the new year, ive had many great opportunities to travel in other parts of the world literally, whenever i please and fundraised the money for.. but you know, for once in my life, im okay with where i am at. im ok with waking up in sunny california, im ok with going to work and being austins nanny, and subbing for crossroads, and babysitting on weekends, because i know im not gonna be here forever.. i should soak this in.. im probably never gonna be in this stage of my life ever again, i need to appreciate this. i guess sometimes i forget that, but ive learned when you do get back in routine and being content, time goes by alot faster than just sitting there moping in the why's.  So im workin hard, rolling up the sleeves, and kickin butt at watching babies lol, im planning for a new adventure, maybe this august. somewhere new :)! and exciting, with new faces and people, im excited to think about it, but my heart says its happy here.. for now. a good friend once told me, that i need to be just as excited with waking up tomorrow and being in the norm, as i would be if i were to wake up knowing i had a plane ticket somewhere. Tomorrow i wake up when my sleep cold medicine decides to wear off, and Doris comes over to hem a few dresses for swing, and then the 530 Church service, then laying out what ill wear for monday, and in bed by hopefully 1030. Thats my Plane ticket. thats my adventure for Sunday January 30th 2011. I better be goin to bed now, ive got a flight to catch.     p.s thanks for readin, even if its just one person who enjoys this, its all good with me.