Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got a date with reality

Sometimes i look at this site, to remember past memories, and short comings. re-reading old entries make me laugh and feel sad sometimes, and to my surprise, people still view this page. Ive thought about returning to blog, but i figured no one wanted to read someone's boring routine life, but then i realized, that most of the worlds population is in routine. So might as well give ya'll something up to date? Well since ive been home from germany, its been well, freakin boring lol. But you know, sometimes in life, it has to be, well not boring, but, simple. As humans we often ( too often id say) get those two words, completely mixed up. "Its soo boring here, there is no pizazz, theres no NEW! theres no bright colors and loud sounds that keep me entertained" But simplicity IS exciting.. its meaning you have a blank canvas, something to just go wild over.. but again, its to bring us back down to the realization that the best things in life, are the simple ones. dont get me wrong i love me some excitement! but if i had to sit down and write everything i truly loved, itd be the simpler kinds. Sunflowers, laughing, baseball, baking cookies, taking bike rides, naps, dancing, day dreaming, hot bubble baths, and squidging your toes in the sand. Sometimes we get so caught up in big dreams and aspirations, and dont get me wrong, those are great to have! but we gotta focus on the now, the present game plan, to get to those wild ones.. Its January 29th, 2011. its 11:27 pacific time, and im sick with a throat infection, not my best night i would say? eh ha ha. i dont know what makes this night any different from the rest, but i felt like i need to write again. im laying here, staring at this ceiling, that hasnt changed in years, and once again i want something more. but, im content.. i know ill be gone again soon, and since the new year, ive had many great opportunities to travel in other parts of the world literally, whenever i please and fundraised the money for.. but you know, for once in my life, im okay with where i am at. im ok with waking up in sunny california, im ok with going to work and being austins nanny, and subbing for crossroads, and babysitting on weekends, because i know im not gonna be here forever.. i should soak this in.. im probably never gonna be in this stage of my life ever again, i need to appreciate this. i guess sometimes i forget that, but ive learned when you do get back in routine and being content, time goes by alot faster than just sitting there moping in the why's.  So im workin hard, rolling up the sleeves, and kickin butt at watching babies lol, im planning for a new adventure, maybe this august. somewhere new :)! and exciting, with new faces and people, im excited to think about it, but my heart says its happy here.. for now. a good friend once told me, that i need to be just as excited with waking up tomorrow and being in the norm, as i would be if i were to wake up knowing i had a plane ticket somewhere. Tomorrow i wake up when my sleep cold medicine decides to wear off, and Doris comes over to hem a few dresses for swing, and then the 530 Church service, then laying out what ill wear for monday, and in bed by hopefully 1030. Thats my Plane ticket. thats my adventure for Sunday January 30th 2011. I better be goin to bed now, ive got a flight to catch.     p.s thanks for readin, even if its just one person who enjoys this, its all good with me.