Sunday, October 31, 2010

The reason why God made purity rings.

Some people ask, "Is that an engagement ring? what is that? what it is it for? are you christian? why do you wear it? do you ever take it off? why do you wear two?" the answer for most of these questions. Is right above these words. Children are Gods greatest gifts, but these gifts. are for way..way..WAY, and i mean WAY far down the road. Before my move, i loved kids ( i still do , but this is besides the point im trying to make) but with my nanny parents gone with the son, for the weekend, i am in full-time mommy mode with the 2 girls. Sure i was thrilled, i love taking care of children.. but whenever i do.. it always ends, such as, the parents come home from their date, mom comes home early, ect ect. in this case. it is 3 days, where i have full responsibility over this bundle of joy. I love her to death, and would do anything for her and to keep her safe, but BOY she never ends. i now understand why "school" was invented, no, it wasnt to better ourselves with education, it was probably made by a secret society of moms who were going nuts.  and to make matters worse, she speaks german. So here i am, stuck in a forgein country, trying to please her, and literally playing charades in order to understand what she is trying to say to me. "you dont like that juice? what about this one? no? what do you want for lunch? i dont know how to make bingaborgajfgjfjf. What is this? cheese? no you cannot take marley out of the cage. because i said so. are you hungry? why not? dont yell at the dog. whats in your mouth? where did you get that? dont do that with your cup. please get your pants on. you dont feel well? hold still.. hold still please. HOLD still. please eat your food. i dont know why they are named bananas. dont poke marley. dont spill. dont jump on the chair , sit down. and last but not least. ENGLISH. PLEASE." dear mothers of the world. great and tall, big and small. i give you a bow, no, i am on my knees kissing your worn out tired feet in recognition of the hardest job on the plant, no mr obama, your job, doesnt come close with raising a child. This is why i will not have sex before i am married, and after these 2 days, im questioning sex IN marriage at all. hahaha sure one day i will love a big family.. but until then. part time nanny will do the trick. i now truly understand, when and why people quote "it takes a village to raise a child"... now only if i had that village..