Friday, March 4, 2011

Not where the storyline ends

Im probably writing this blog out of pure boredom, but nonetheless, i need to write one! Lately i feel like ive been in such a rut, and its driving me crazy. I feel like i only hang out with children, ( no harm to the kids i love my job i do!) but Goodness, i feel like its all i do. I go to work, come home and eat food, then leave for another sitting gig. Is this where i picture my life at? A few months ago i was boarding a plane to Germany. Would I, in that moment, have thought that this is where id be in a few months? This past week has just been a blur of grey and dull, im either working or working in my room (re doing it, its adorable lol ) But i sit here, and continue to ask, "why did it turn out this way? why am i here and not somewhere else?" I guess what im trying to say is, i keep thinking this is the end of the book, the tragic boring ending of Lindsey's story, when its not. Not every single word of a book is going to be gripping and exciting. But what i am learning is that, i need to be positive during every stage of my life, including the monotonous work and lifestyle. Im learning to not waste my time on people who dont care, not waste my time grumbling when i have work the next day, and complaining that my life is dull. I dont have the extra time for all that. Its not gonna make it better by being whiney about it. If i am, then im not working hard enough to make it exciting.. Sometimes we expect things to happen, when in reality, its how we react to whats given to us. I cant complain when i reacted without enthusiasm and without the bigger picture in mind. Who knows, maybe in 6 months, ill read back on this, and be somewhere else, or doing something new. Life's a changing stage,  and flipping book. And i shouldn't  try to skip chapters