Tuesday, July 5, 2011

downsize, without losing quality.

During my vacation from home and lets just say 'life' in general, it has really reminded me the true importance of keeping your dreams in perspective. A good friend of mine, Dj, had posted something on facebook that i really have never read/heard before. It read, "Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams." and as simple as the quote is/was, it hit me like a ton of bricks!..."Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams"... was i surrounding myself with people like that? Were people whom i called my friend, supporting my dreams? being positive influences? Helping my life's process go the way it should be going? Were they being cheerleaders?  For those of you who do follow this thing-of-a-blog, you know my dreams, and how BIG and improbable they are, and i cannot achieve them on my own. This life, it was meant to be enjoyed--- together. But sometimes i forget, that the company you surround yourself with, you will soon be the host of. Am i being a good host? Am i surrounding myself with these people, these friends, these essential tools? and lately, i have found that answer to be half n half. HALF of my friends were being what i needed them to be, while the others, were, well not. So, i am learning to downsize without losing quality....but to gain it. Impossible you say? no. Difficult? you bet. Im just really starting to pay attention to what is necessary in my life, and people who arent helping me towards these crazy dreams, really dont deserve a whole lotta effort from me, yeah sure this can totally be wrong and you can think "lindsey what are you doing!" but so far... its worked. i dont hate anyone, i dont resent anything, i just dont have time, to waste my time. So evaluate where you are in life! are you surrounding yourself with people who are cheering you to succeed? Are your close friends being the iron you need them to be? Are they just as excited for your dreams as you are? I can honestly say.. yes. mine are.... and boy am I blessed.