Monday, January 30, 2012


I havent written one of these well, since october. Not because i forgot about it, but i really was embarassed that i had nothing to write about. Here i am swearing by all means to go out and do big things, when i have sat so still for the past few months. i understand that my surrounding life has a big part in keeping me in one place ( sisters getting married, friends getting married, new job ect ) But instead of using my time to Gods full advantage, i just, watched it fly on by me. To be tied down, is a perfect way, and excuse, to plan.    This 'big dream' of mine is still in the works, but has been on just a pause.. and i cant stand that. Its time to really start planning this shin dig, instead of dabbling in it. I havent explain what this 'plan' is to a lot of people yet, because its still under works. But im just gonna come out and explain it all. I will be traveling around the world, using a pass called "around the world trip ticket" through alliance airlines. i will be gone for a year or longer, and will travel to every country i can possibly go too, and stay with christian organizations in each country.I will stay in each country for about a week, and during that week, film and document what the organizations do for the country, culture, and most of all Gods kingdom. Each week my website will be updated by the previous adventure, and so it gives people the opportunity to keep up, and travel with me. Each country will have its own external web link, and so by simply clicking the country that i have already been too, you can watch the video on that country, and listed below will be a brief explanation, needs, wants, and how we, as westernized culture, can help this country. For years i would talk to people about traveling, or how they can help those less fortunate, and the same answers i would get would be "i just dont know where to start, or HOW to even begin to help" well thats where this plan i created fits in. This 'plan' of mine is called Send me on my way, and it gives people the chance to learn about what they are helping with, they get insight on this culture, the PEOPLE that are just like themselves, to stretch out hands, and to create an invisible web. THINK about it, all it takes is awareness. ALL it takes, is information , and knowledge. it is time for us as a culture, as PEOPLE, to help. to care. to become selfless. I am more than excited about this dream of mine, this will be a solo trip, just me, my cameras, and this world...Through this trip im doing, im praying that the dominoe effect is endless. im praying organizations will finally have their voices be loud enough. im praying people who are so bored with the norm, will find my videos, and website, and be inspired. im praying someone, or all find their purpose through the eyes of others. i really hope whoever reads this will be praying with me, because even though i am doing this trip alone, the support of many others will be keeping this flame a forrest fire. Please share this with people you feel who would be interested in viewing this journey as it unfolds. I hope to be making this grand voyage in the summer time, and until then will be giving brief updates through this blog.  i will try my hardest at providing the necessary footage to really show whats going on out in the world. I dont want to edit anything out, i dont want to hide, or shy away from footage that will make people feel uncomfortable. there is a REASON you FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WATCHING STARVING CHILDREN. THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WATCHING GENOCIDE. THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE SEEING THE NEEDS OF THIS WORLD.


so what if, there were a way to help those issues. to fix them through awareness, hard work, love, selflessness, through this intricate web of knowledge and understanding of these extremely big and important issues?

what if we can end them?

Send me on my way.