Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is wasted on the Living

This is a very heated toned blog, proceed with knowing this can end up leading in rants. K? K. Moving forward. You know what rubs me the wrong way? What gets me absolutely frustrated? Is people lollygagging through life, and wasting opportunities. If you are one of those, brace yourself. This is your LIFE. you get ONE shot at it, ONE chance. what on earth are you gonna do with it? I mean i complain a lot, more than i ever should be, but what im learning lately is, If im not happy with something, its not going to change unless i make it change. Usually life is a lot like newtons first law.An object at rest, will stay at rest, and Something that is in motion, will continue to be in motion, unless stopped by an outside source. If something in your life, isnt going the way you'd like for it to go, or if you are making decisions that you dont like, then DO something about it. GIVE it reason to stop. Stop complaining about how life is boring, or people treat you bad, or about random things! If you dont like it, FIX it. If someone is not treating you the way they should, and you have tried to mend that problem and work it out, but they wont change, WALK. AWAY. WHY are you going to put up with something that is constantly bringing you down and making your life much harder than it should be? If you dont like the way your life is going, then DO something about it. Get off your butt, and change it! If you dont like your job, then    search for another one! If you dont like where you live, then MOVE. I understand its expensive, and intimidating living far away from family, or by yourself, but guess what? you wouldnt be the first one to do so! If you have a habit you wanna break, then BREAK IT. By all means, even if that means getting outside help, just stop it! Put the bottle down, stop committing adultery, quit taking pills, work on not lying, silence your lips before hurtful language, eat healthier, get out of abuse... only YOU will get YOU to stop physically making mistakes.  No one is going to follow you for the rest of your life with a pair of handcuffs making sure you dont royally screw up. If Life is boring, then FIND something exciting about it! If that means going to school to follow your dreams, or NOT going to school to follow your dreams, just FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! ( as long as they are reasonable, not like i wanna be the worlds best pie eater or something) I know its hard changing, breaking from the mold, following your biggest dreams, but thats exactly why God loves you! Hes there to BE that rock, that cheerleader, that foundation.. Youve got a time spand that isnt long in retrospect to how long we've been here. what are YOU gonna do thats gonna make a difference? People throughout history have taken chances, BIG chances, and have ended up living their dreams! Its POSSIBLE. so what, you're gonna go to school, get a job, have a family, and a regular joe 9-5 er? just because thats what society expects of you? What gets your blood going? Heart pounding? What inspires you to just get up and go!? DO that, what are you waiting for? because Time isnt going to stop for you, so you gotta get up and actually chase it. If life isnt what you think it oughta be, then dont put up with it. CHANGE it. When you see something and think 'thats not okay!' then DO something about it. Dont let this blogs head sentence be true. Please dont waste your life away. Dont just make comments, give them reason behind them. Be that starting domino, BE that first tug, that first push of something that only God could muster up. If only you knew what he has instore. If only you knew your potential to shake things up. If only you knew.  START WORKING TO BECOME LIKE THE PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE. every generation needs a martin luther king jr, Lincoln, mother theresa, CS lewis, walt disney, and Ben franklin. People who make a ripple, who make noise, who DO something. Now, tell me, why cant that be you?

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