Saturday, February 11, 2012

How lindsey got her groove back

sometimes we just need to dance. for real, just get up and have this crazy solo rave dance party in your own room to get your life groove back. who would have thought physically dancing would put the spark back into things!!! I picked up dance again and the WHOLE DAY i just could not keep still!!! Im excited to start it up with the girls, and have a time to all re connect and do what most of us loved to do for years.. DANCE! I have been learning a lot the past few weeks, and its not to take life so seriously. to not plan so far in advance cause things change. Old feelings change, new feelings change. You re kindle with the old, and combine with the new, and you just, you make a brand new life, every day. Excitement is out there! Dont get caught just being lazy and vegging on the couch when you can get up and shake your butt


  1. hi Lindsey, i wanna ask you something. it is said in your profile your a nanny and right about now you are working in German and in your blog you wrote your traveling the world. my question is what are you seek for doing such a thing?

    why did the url and name function always said the word written in the url is not legit???

  2. hello anonymous! i made this blog when i just moved to germany, i was an aupair there! so some of the details on my profile are probably outdated, which i need to fix! :) and im not sure about the legit not legit thing???