Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's just one of those days....and its one of those blogs..

you know the days where all you can do is just sit and do absolutely nothing? when you try and try to focus and get things done, but you find yourself stopping half way through and moving on to another task, just to do that same thing with that one? yeah. its one of those days. If you don't want to hear me whine and complain, then i suggest you stop here....moving on. my life. is in wait mode. it seems like everything in my life lately, is making me wait. and for me, patience, isnt really my thing ( it is when it comes to kids, butttt its besides the point) so if you really knew me, you could see me being very annoyed and frustrated. yes, you just nodded your head. yes you just smiled because you know im right. i just feel very lost, unwanted, lonely, angry, sad, and everything in the in between. I dont understand really anything in my life at the moment, but im learning to be ok with that.. who what when where.. WHY. i could go on and on going round and round trying to hypothesize answers for these simple but huge questions, but what good is it? what good is it writing about it? all i can do is just sit here, sigh, shake my head, shrug my shoulders, and start to set the table for dinner before the kids come home. Its not so much im sad anymore, its more of an, annoyed frustrated too burn out to really care whats going on mood/lifestyle... trying to focus on life's positives, its just hard when i dont see a lot at the moment. can someone knock me into a coma for a few months? ship me to Corona, CA 92881, i think my parents would like my unconscious body in America rather than germany... station me at the hospital on main street, that way del taco and juan pollo arent that far of a sleep walk away, and the 99 cent store with its delicious chalupa cart outside. then, wake me up when its summer.

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