Friday, November 26, 2010

the thrill

SOoooooo its 3am and im in an airport. i LOVE airports. so many different people, everyone has to go somewhere. its like, aside from disneyland, the best place to people watch. welllll not at 3am. because munich, being the dumb airport it is, isnt 24/7/ lame. all i can do is watch the police and shoot weird looks at them to make them feel uncomfortable.. and im sure everyone trying to sleep isnt to happy with me laughing at skype while i talk to sebby, and my mom and my sister hahaha. anywho. today sucked. it was just bad day, but those happen in life. im so excited to go home back to my family and friends and life with new experiences and learned life lessons. haha bonus! I am ready to feel that cali vibe, stay out late, go surfing, late night trips to LA to get donuts, really finding out what midgetville is, and of course. Lightning Mcqueen. dear bubba, i miss you. i miss speeding on ontario feeling like i would never get caught, (WHICH I HAVENT!!!) we are the dynamic duo. your the bonnie to my clyde. we, will do great things once again. Im not gonna let some bad weeks get in my way of finding happiness. im lindsey, im too much of a goofball to stay down for too long. i wont stay at home for long, because i hear travelin' callin my name again.. but it wont ask again for a few months. plus, cmon, its the holidays ;) snowwwboardddinnggg!!!!! cabin, christmas cookies, ELF, 25 days of christmas on ABC family hahahaha, yeahhhhhh man, and complaining how it feels like summer on christmas morning. lol Im a california Girl,  we're unforgettable ;) and i think the kids appreciate me not rapping their chores to them anymore LOL " uhh lindsey.. what are you doing" "rapping kid. learn it. love it" they eventually caught on, and i think i got nick to wave his hand in the air one time :). welp. its time to explore more of the airport hahaha andddd im off!!!! peace germany, i aint comin back for a few years, so, well. keep bein' your bad self.

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