Thursday, December 12, 2013

From midwest:To Home: To Europe and beyond: To back where I love.

SO a lot has happened since my last blog! I ended up leaving Ohio literally that week I wrote that post. I came home and was so SOOO lost. I had no idea who I was anymore. Did I still like the same things? Would everything come back to normal? Have I changed for good?...

   I did change.

BUT, I feel for the better! I am learning as seasons come and ago, that you will never be the same person every single year, and it can be a GREAT thing!!!! I came home, got straight to work, and invested myself in school and my job. Then, I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Europe and go backpack for a whole month!!!! I was a bit travel shy at first, since I havent been out of the country in a couple years, but oh how I am so glad I did.

I flew into germany to stay with my good friends the Bodenmullers, then Me and a friend backpacked Ireland and England, then flew back to germany for the remainder of my trip. I felt like myself again. I felt that fire inside me, that freedom and the fact that I am only 21. I am so young, I dont need to settle down, get married, buy a house, find a career just yet. I have time, and LOADS of it, so I need to use it to my full advantage, and boy did I in Europe.

Not only did I discover my love for adventure again, but i found myself CRAVING the ocean. I would have dreams at night on riding a perfect wave, and would wake up in europe, in snow, lol, and eager to get back on my board.

When I returned from the midwest, my love wasnt surfing anymore. I wasnt sure WHAT exactly I loved or did, but God will always lead you back and bring you 'round to full circle. Hes just groovy like that.

After my trip I got to see family, friends, eat some turkey (Thanksgiving) and then, FINALLY....


Catching my first ride in months since I last surfed, I felt alive. A rush of feeling hit me in the head so hard, and I remembered. I REMEMBERED. And once again, I found myself hooked. As if i werent obsessed with surfing prior to my midwest move, It came back tenfold. With the new year and summertime (for socal) around the corner again, I see all the possibilities at my doorstep. Life is the sweetest thing I have ever done, And God just keeps providing and providing and providing.

With good grades in school, and as many hours a week of work as I want, I feel like I am truly a blessed child of His. There is no rush to grow up. There is no need to settle. I havent even started yet!

Which leads me back into the blogging world, starting 2014, I will have this blog but change the title:

If Everybody had an Ocean

Ever since I was very little, The Beach Boys have been a household staple of my families music collection. I grew up dancing in my room to Good Vibrations and Dont worry Baby. One of me and my Dad's favorite songs is of course, surfin in the USA, since most of our favorite surf spots are featured in the song. We got talkin about how awesome it would be to surf every spot mentioned in the song, and thats when I decided to make it a goal of mine to truly surf the USA. ;)

SO stay tuned! Ride it with me!

xo Lindsey

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